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A time for change

April 27, 2009


…to an undecided location. Cathy and I have given it our best shot in the Central Eastside Industrial district and we’ve decided we’re ready to call it good and move on. We made the decision quickly and are closing up our SE Portland shop even quicker. We’ll be moved out by May 15th! We’re clearing EVERYTHING out of our shop, including decor, furniture and fixtures between now and May 8th. Everything is marked down dramatically so be sure to stop by soon – our stock is rapidly decreasing-finally.

We will miss our neighbors (especially my morning obsession: Bakery Bar) and our BEAUTIFUL space on Water, but truly are thrilled to transition into Olio United 2.0. We’ll be focused on refining our vision and improving our online presence right away. We’ll also be hosting trunk shows, art openings and collaborations all around Portland, so be sure to sign up on our mailing list, if you haven’t already.

For those of you who have visited our shop, it’s been a true pleasure getting to know you and we’re excited about seeing you again at our first Olio pop-up event. We’ve met some great people and amazing designers through our shop and we’re hopeful our business will continue to grow through this next phase. Cathy and I would love to hear any feedback or ideas you want to share…thoughts on neighborhoods, studio spaces available, free basement…it’s all welcome!

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