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Don’t Miss Out- Ashley Watson Bags Coming Soon

February 18, 2009


The online trunk show will be up in less than a week.  Here’s your chance to choose from 17 one-of-a kind recycled leather bags!  I love Ashley Watson bags for three reasons.  One, they are super soft.  I can easily use my stuffed Thrush bag as a pillow on long road trips.  Second, they’re pretty generous in size. I don’t normally pack a lot in my bag, but I like the security of knowing I can if I wanted to. Hmm, let’s see how many girl scout cookie boxes I can fit in here.  And the third reason I love Ashley Watson bags- they’re recycled leather!  Each bag and accessory is made from leather garments that were found in thrift stores.  How cool is that!  

Starting 12am on Wednesday, Feb. 25, we are going to post the 17 bags online for five days only. Because each bag is one-of-a-kind, we are not able to hold or reorder sold products.  Shown above is the Kestrel bag ($340) and below is the Thrush ($350).  Products will vary in color and pocket design.  


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