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Sowing Seeds of Hope

December 2, 2008

I love sappy Hallmark commercials that make me cry.  It’s like watching a good chick flick but in 30 seconds. Everyone is hugging at the end, and life is perfect. The thing I love about those commercials is that the giving and selfless human spirit is celebrated . . . something that we need to be reminded more of on a daily basis.  

So consider this your reminder: This Friday, December 5th, we are throwing a benefit event for Mercy Corps.  Mercy Corps has been serving communities around the world in transition and recovery for almost 30 years.  Their local economic development office, Mercy Corps Northwest, just so happens to be located in our hometown, so we are splitting the proceeds on Friday between a local program and a global program.

photouganda1Twenty percent of all purchases on Friday will go to programs that help farmers in Uganda and the Portland area.  Olio customers will also be given the opportunity to purchase online $5 donation cards.  Just add the donation card to your shopping cart.  

Mercy Corps representatives will join us at 6p to share their stories and provide more information for our customers interested in making additional donations.   Come hear about how local refugees and immigrants are given opportunities to grow organic foods and sell them at local markets and restaurants.  You can also read more about the Uganda farming situation here.  After a 20 year war and a large displaced population, Mercy Corps is committed to helping Ugandan families rebuild their agricultural way of life by distributing seeds and tools.  

Join us on Friday in our efforts to support a great cause, and together we can sow seeds of hope.


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