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Let’s not beat around the bush

November 23, 2008




These are not easy times for retailers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a big-box store or the little shop around the corner, everyone is feeling it and trying to figure out how to survive it.  If there’s one good thing I can see from all of this (and I’m not normally an optimist), it’s that people are thinking about how they are spending their money.  


It may seem ironic coming from a retailer, but Korinne and I don’t want people spending their money frivolously.  The reality is that most Americans overspend, and on items that tend to have minimal life value.  What I mean by this is that people are surrounding themselves with products that can be easily replaced.  And either these products eventually end up in our landfill or jammed in the back of a closet.  


A great rule to use when shopping is to “only buy what you love.”  I’ve been living by this standard for the last few years, and I’ve seen how it has changed my quality of living.  When I come home now, I don’t see “things” everywhere, I see heirlooms and little treasures and items that just make me happy.  My closet is also the barest that it has ever been, but I always have an outfit I want to wear each day.  


The economy is not going to be fixed overnight, but the way we view spending can.  Think about how your dollars are being spent, and put it towards something that has value outside of its price tag, especially during this season of gift-giving.  


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