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It’s a Bear out there!

October 11, 2008

It’s hard to think about expanding our wardrobe at a time when our retirement funds are shrinking.  We have stated before that we don’t believe in unbridled consumerism, but what we do believe in is responsible consumption.  “Only buy what you love,” is what we try to live by, and we feel that this is one simple way of living that can make a monumental change.  The dollar, as weak as it may be right now, is a powerful voice, and we are reminded daily of how our spending choices impact not only us, but those around the globe.

Join us in our efforts to make a change for the better, and we’ll help make the shopping experience even that much more rewarding.  For this week only, we are having a Bear Market webstore sale, where you’ll be able to take 20% off your entire purchase!  This promotion is good on all of our newest and hottest Fall fashions, such as Feral Childe, Covet, Preloved, and Prairie Underground.  Just enter bearmarket at checkout to receive your discount.

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