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Photo Shoot for Fall Lookbook

September 19, 2008

One of our favorite local spots during the late summer is Sauvie Island.  It’s like its own little biosphere, with lush, abundant farms and an array of animal life.  And being that it’s surrounded by water, we thought that it would be the perfect place for our Fall photo shoot.  

I met photographer Kimberly Warner and stylist Brooke Narragon in our store one day last month.  They were both working on another project, and we got talking about what it would look like to do a Fall shoot together.  Several emails and three hired models later, we packed up our new inventory and hauled it out to Sauvie’s this week.  

We were thrilled that it was sunny, granted it was also HOT. The models were troopers as we layered them in toasty sweaters and wintery outerwear.  My favorite time of the day to shoot is just a couple of hours before sunset, so I was excited to snap a few pictures myself: 

Within the next few days, we should have the Fall lookbook up and ready for viewing.  If you’re on our email list, we’ll be sending you a link soon.  All the photos in the lookbook showcase our most recent Fall shipments.  This includes Covet, Paper Doll, Modaspia, Apolis, Sublet Clothing, and Preloved.  We also want to introduce new to Olio United: Feral Childe, Sameunderneath, Reif, Entermodal bags, and Bo Boots!  

Happy viewing!



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