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Sweet Tarts

August 27, 2008

Two Tart's Peanut Butter Creams

There are those who believe that a party is just not complete without dessert, and at Olio United we’re firmly in that camp.  Naturally, we try not to indulge our sweet tooth too often (though working next door to the Bakery Bar makes that close to impossible), but when we stumbled upon the Two Tarts Bakery at the Portland Farmer’s Market it was love at first bite.  Since then, we’ve noticed little two-bite treats popping up in cafes and grocers around town. So much so that we’ve begun to suspect that the Tarts may be our own personal peanut butter cream fairies. In fact, the Two Tarts are opening their own location in NE Portland in the very near future.  

Elizabeth Beekley and Anna Phelps, the forces behind Two Tarts, are women after our own hearts.  Not only have they created wonderful, perfectly sized treats, but they also put an emphasis on sourcing ingredients locally and organically.  All this to say that partnering with Two Tarts for our Anniversary feels as natural as, well, biting into one of their delectable double chocolate chews. We’re already looking forward to having a selection of Two Tart’s Treats at our events both Saturday and Sunday. You may want to arrive early before they’re gone!

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