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Going to the chapel with Frocky Jack Morgan

May 30, 2008


With wedding season already upon us, we’ve found ourselves turning to the Frocky Jack Morgan line for inspiration and those ever elusive, just perfect pieces.  Made locally here in Portland, Julia Barbee of Frocky Jack Morgan takes antique and recyled materials, twists them with a touch of modern sparkle, and creates truly inspired designs. The gowns have a wonderful heirloom quality, giving photographs a timeless feel.  

The collection also includes men’s and boy’s blazers with just enough detail to make them stand out in a crowd, and fabulous dresses for girls.  Add a piece of her one of a kind jewelry, and Frocky Jack Morgan has you covered for any special occasion. 

Stop by our web store to see a selection of this unique jewelry and clothing or visit us at Olio to see the entire line in person, and check out the amazing wedding-gown-as-art display in our entry. Then stop by the Bakery Bar next door for a cake and you’re all set!


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